We Are So Fucked

I'ma leave this here. Go read... The Forgotten Greenhouse Gas - #wearefucked

The #tldr is: "Nitrous oxide emissions have increase 40 per cent in the past 40 years. The greenhouse gas needs to be reduced by more than 20 per cent by 2050 otherwise global climate targets will be missed."

And the key point, if CO2 has a "greenhouse index" of 1 and methane (eg "natural gas") has a greenhouse has a greenhouse index of 16 to 20 (16 to 20 times more effective at holding heat in), then guess what? N2O is more than 300!!! Yep, smoke dope, don't "nang." Weed harvests CO2 as it grows. Those "nangs" may whip your cream or give you a good chuckle but, if you care about Mama Earth, don't do N2O! No plant harvests N2O as food.


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