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Fuck Spotify!

Spotify and I are now at war. Artist accounts have no delete buttons. My distributor, RouteNote have removed my "Secrets of The Hand" songs from distribution to all paid streaming services, yet Spotify are still displaying them for play. I have issued a Takedown Claim, they have rejected it. So what's a po' boi left ta do? I've "vandalised" my Spotify profile as per the image, above. I'm grinning like a twit right now. I didn't get the nickname, "Crunchy" for nothing... Do us a favour, drop a comment below if the link shows the image taken down.

Melbourne Without Motors

I have this idea to "toob" cycling and walking in Melbourne, Australia. That's it up there, the title of this blog entry. The idea came about last year while I was training for my "weekend adventures", the latter an idea that has been, well, troubled because of my health causing me to struggle to get anything like the necessary fitness. Meanwhile, I've persisted in trying to get back to cycling longer distances, but 30km (20 miles) feels like a brick wall. I used to be able to tour 100km (60 miles), camp, then do another 100km, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat... It feels like it was ripped from me, but I persist with training, finding lower traffic routes for the peace and quiet, and looking for ways to use this training time for another tube channel. I've been doing a lot of urban "rat runs" on the bike but don't like the connotations of post holocaust Nazis in that term. Today, it came to me while contemplating Doctors Without Border