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Everything I Learned In Physics Says This Is Impossible!

Perpetual motion. We've all heard of it, some of us have tried it. Hook up an induction motor to an induction generator, give a big rip on the zip cord, hey presto... Nothing. The losses exceed the gains and the motor stops. Very quickly, in fact. Regenerative braking, in fact. Except... So this guy has rigged this machine, effectively a motor driving a generator, with the genny wired back to the motor. I call bullshit. But is it? I can't see how he's tricking us, and his hydrogen electrolysis closed loop generator credibly works. (see video below) I can't see the hoodwink in the vid above, but that doesn't mean there isn't. I'm no fing cooker! How's he tricking us into thinking that electromagnetic perpetual motion is happening? I need higher minds than mine on this one.

What Am I Doing On _MY_ Clunkerbike, Though?

I'm sick of waiting to die. I'm 61, I have congestive heart failure (diagnosed 2 years ago after a heart attack that "would have killed [me] if [I] weren't a cyclist":my doc said) and insulin managed diabetes (adult diagnosis but hey, my endocrinologist has just declared me a Type 1, at 61!), so I've been feeling pretty damned brittle for the last 2 and a bit years. I have been finding myself getting a bit paniced on the bike when I can't handle a short, uncategorised climb, say Brighton Rd from Inkerman to Alma. I have literally been acting like I'm waiting to die. Then I snapped. "Fuck this shit!" I screamed, "Didn't I once write a song with a chorus that is literally, I want to live forever, or die trying?!" How was this cardio-anxiety any sort of " Gallant Attempt at Immortality "? (<- Soundcloud Link) My response has been to hatch, as "Baldrick" would put it, a cunning plan. I have come up with