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Tools, all the Tools, I'm a Complete Tool for Tools

I'm trying to decide whether to pull the pin on buying a mini "desk" lathe. One of these... Yes, I know, a lathe is usually a thousands-of-bucks piece of workshop kit, and the average serious machinist is screaming "NO!" at me, at the top of their lungs. But I'm not a machinist, I'm a hobbyist. I'm on a really tight budget, most of my tools are "toys." I'm not dependent on reliability for my livelihood. I just hack about in a workshop to "squander" my retirement on making stuff. And I've always wanted a lathe, but never been able to muster the scratch with all my other expensive hobbies, and I don't have space for even a small workshop lathe. A 10" seems like a great option for the odd, brass bush, or a pully or two. Things like spinning up a knobbed lever from an M12 bolt by machining the hex head into the knob. Turning up a model rocket fuselage in matched, push-together segments, turning and cutting a precis

Not Much to Say

It's been my birthday month, I've done my back in and my top secret project is nearly a working prototype. In the words of Homer Simpson, "Can't talk, eating." Too much to do. Still here, will have stuff to say, living life.

Gun.JS as the Core of a Distributed, P2P, Shared-Timeline Social Medium

Big tech needs to get out of our data. Ironic that I say that here, on Blogger, the place where "the product" first became "free" because the blog engine isn't the product, we bloggers are, but the statement is as true here as on Facebook, Twitter and, thanks to Meta's Threads, even on the fediverse. -1 Social media relies on databases to store your posts, replies and reactions. For us, this "persists" our conversations, so we can leave and come back. For big data, this gives them analytical data which allows them to target the ads that generate the most revenue at us or even, as the 2016 "Great Hack" by Cambridge Analytica proved, even influence our voting decisions. And don't think CA has gone away, their parent company is still in the game, Amazon are doing it, too, as are, well, all of big tech, especially Apple, who boast a big privacy game, but I don't beleive them for a bit. -2 So, I've discovered a javascript &quo

Testing if Blogger is JS Compatible With a Gun.js Todo List App

Todos Add So, it won't work out of the box, but I could script some stuff here and, if using Gun.js , it should remain persistent. Might need to add a reload to the "on.submit" stuff. Cool. Gun.js is a serverless, peer-to-peer, distributed database, if you're wondering what I'm blathering about.