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Embarking on a Long Time Dream

I've wanted a fretless bass for years. I have my double bass, sure, but it's kind of the bassist's equivalent of a piano, furniture rather than practical. Considering my studio is half of a mid century, single-car garage and my workshop is the other 40% and the laundry is the remaining 10%, there's not a lot of space to keep it within cooee of a microphone, either. So "Baby," as I call her, lives in a decorative corner of the guest room and is kind of hard to even get to for practice. Furniture. IKR. My dream working instrument is a fretless bass guitar, with just enough fingerboard radius to cross over into upright playing style without hindering my amplified playing style. It's a chambered body, rather than hollow, to minimise feedback-inducing, stray resonance at a gritty overdrive volume. It needs a fully telescopic pike, for upright use, that also folds away completely for guitar style use. It's made of sustainably sourced, plantation grown, Aus

New Profile Logo

I've started back into my fretless, headless, semi-acoustic bass project because I found a way to make the neck from scratch . See this video for details on that, but meanwhile, there's more to a bass than the neck. To this end, I've started doodling about with the body design, more importantly, the custom f-hole that will reflect, well, ME! That's it on the right. It's an upside down bass clef, which makes a C for Crunchy, it's how people sometimes perceive me, upside down and crunchy. It's what I do, I play bass. Well, guitar, too, but my music career was mostly as a bassist. That is all.

Combining Two Projects and Staging the New Project

The "Cheap Yellow Display" development board that will be my metronome and sync Babel fish. (image source: Random Nerd Tutorials) For about 3 years now, I've been doing "research" into the technology behind various old and new school tempo sync techniques and, in parallel for the last 18 months, a metronome. I've decided, they're probably the same tool with different interfaces. The advantage, as I see it, is a device to rehearse my parts with a metronome that's simpler than my drum machine, but can then sync my DAW, "stripe" a track on my digital multitrack recorder and sync my drum machine via USB MIDI, DIN Sync and serial MIDI, respectively. Then, for playback, has the recorder as Master (via DinSync) to sync the metronome, the DAW (via USB MIDI) and the drum machine. (Via Serial MIDI.) Foot tap as a sync master, too, is also in the scope, hence "MIDI Babel Fish." Not to mention keeping my looper in lockstep with the DAW, drum

We Are So Fucked

I'ma leave this here. Go read... The Forgotten Greenhouse Gas - #wearefucked The #tldr is: "Nitrous oxide emissions have increase 40 per cent in the past 40 years. The greenhouse gas needs to be reduced by more than 20 per cent by 2050 otherwise global climate targets will be missed." And the key point, if CO 2 has a "greenhouse index" of 1 and methane (eg "natural gas") has a greenhouse has a greenhouse index of 16 to 20 (16 to 20 times more effective at holding heat in), then guess what? N 2 O is more than 300!!! Yep, smoke dope, don't "nang." Weed harvests CO 2 as it grows. Those "nangs" may whip your cream or give you a good chuckle but, if you care about Mama Earth, don't do N 2 O! No plant harvests N 2 O as food.