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Free Code Camp and my Javascript Illiteracy

I have been trying for years to understand Javascript's syntax. Maybe it's an effect of my possible autism. I'm undiagnosed, I admit, but I recently scored a 95 at, which is 3 points higher than a friend's score and she is diagnosed autistic. I also have ADHD, blind Freddy can see that, so I need structured learning. I have managed to self-learn the basics of C++ with Arduino code, but the advanced concepts can rarely be learned by self-teaching, alone. I'm also carrying a less popular label, in fact it's quite unfashionable, these days - oppositional defiance disorder. I wear this latter with pride, not only because it says I'm "odd." It makes me stubborn, determined, I refuse to let a point go, especially if I am certain I'm right. And one thing I know I am right about, is - WE ARE NEVER GOING TO MAINTAIN STABLE, EQUITABLE, FAIR DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE FOR ALL PEOPLE UNLESS WE BREAK THE BACK OF THE CLIENT SERVER MODEL!!! But si

Because Steve Needs ANOTHER project?

Social media bugs me. It bugs the fuck out of me. It can be serverless. Completely serverless. (Well, techichally not "completely", but more on that in a minute.) Today I tried an app that, while still maintained, is from 10 years ago, RetroShare. It's a serverless, peer to peer social network. It looks like somebody reinvented AOL, without the A, the O or the L, but it works. So, why is this serverless thing important? How Elon Musk can control his hoarde of nazi minions, how Mark Zuckerberg can manipulate you to anger, then purchase, is the power of the server. You're not the client on a client/server model, you're the product. Anybody who owns a server, controls the clients, or potentially can. That's the importance of peer-to-peer. A screenshot of RetroShare's connection window, showing a new person added to my circle, a real person I know, on the other side of the city, both of us behand our NAS boxes and ISP firewalls. Another way to look at it