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The Secret Pedal Project (Ongoing Research)

A simple, Arduino based suboctave circuit. I may be giving away the keys to the citadel here, but... Nah, nobody reads this blog. Seriously, NOBODY reads it, right. Besides, once it's done, my plan is to open source this idea under my usual "modified MIT-for-noncommercial-use-commercial-use-requires-negotiation-of-a-paid-licence" licence, so here goes... My buddy and former guitarist bandmate, Wayne and I have this idea. Recently, I found a reverse engineered circuit diagram of a similar, all analog(ish), defunct pedal from the 80s, so I've reverse engineered that a little here, but in my own way.But wait, there's more, and those bits, I'm not giving away. In esscence, we're trying to make a special kind of octave box. This is a proof of the octave methods of that concept. There's nothing new here, nothing to see that hasn't been done before using similar tools, nor is it slavish copy of any of that prior art. But it does open up a number of

Up Too Late Again & I Suddenly Discover...

This thing is one of my mid-era, pre-Melbourne, Garageband mixes. I'd completely forgotten it. Until I climbed into bed with my new, xmas headphones. The voice samples are from an "ancient", 1970s, autohypnosis tutorial LP my mum had. (Think my sister may still have the disk, or more likely, my nephew.) Secrets of The Hand · Autohypnotic Enjoy!

Pulsewidth Management With Arduino

The triggerBounce circuit and its waveforms, showing how it confines the output pulse, on a falling edge, to a few milliseconds without retriggering until the next falling edge. Triggers for electronic music systems, hey. Unless you're really quick, you can't just push a button, the trigger will stay on until you release it, not passing on a release until said key is released. In a piano or synth keyboard, this is fine, this allows for note dynamics like play/mute for key-pressed/key-released. Drum triggers, though, they have to be short. They are if the sensor is low-pass filtered piezo disk, but what if it's an electro-mechanical, like an "on-off-(a-little-later-on)", falling edge trigger, like a laser beam on a kick drum pedal? No release until the drummer lifts their foot, which doesn't happen very often, even with a really technical drummer (damped kick notes) or at all if the drummer's a chancer on sticks, like me or my guitarist mate. My guitari

How ePublishing "Should" Work

Imagine an ePub system that wasn't a tool for "digital rights management" (DRM), rather it were a tool for digital rights protection. (DRP) The difference is one of perspective, DRP is artist focused, it would allow copying and distribution but, like shareware of old, it might require payment to access all chapters or all tracks. It would be an applet that allowed a creator to drag-and-drop the work on it, enter a private key of their choosing, that would lock the work against piracy, yet allow free sharing. How copy and paste from such might work is, a reader/viewer/listener could copy and paste passages or parts, but those copied parts would only be pastable as PNG images (in the case of text or still) or as short audio or video files appended with credit voiceover (audio) or appended with a credit clip at the end. In case of text, you could never quote less than a paragraph of text (or more than 2), the attribution and date is inherently included and it would be une

All The Dumb Things III

I have wanted this image for a VERY long time, but my drawing skills are a bit shit. So today, I pulled the pin and commissioned this. Here it is... The Buddha, recumbent, on a recumbent tricycle. That is all.

All The Dumb Things II

I think (maybe) 12 years ago, I laid down this track as just a bit of fun, a cover of Santo & Johnny's "Sleepwalk." I just kind of stumbled on the riff while practicing, bass... yeah... bass, for a covers band I was in at the time, that the wife loved and I kinda hated. They guys were great, the music wasn't me, but we played L and my wedding reception, I got to sing my love tribute to L with the guys backing me and we never played that song again, because we did covers of UK pop hits. I didn't hate every tune, "Come Up and See Me" by Steve Harley was great, as was "Don't Change" by InXS was very cool, and L LOVES Simple Minds' "Dont You (Forget About Me)," but the rest was... well... A man is not a jukebox. Except... Secrets of The Hand · Sleep Walk Guitar Demo Anyway, back to Santo & Johnny, "Sleepwalk" came up while I was limbering up to practice my parts on my battered old Ibanez bass, so I switched