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A Koan

"I love you," he said, For that which goes without saying, must not go unsaid.

I Am a Man of Many Projects

Some might argue, "Too many!" As individuals, we are the sum of our ideas, that equation for me results in "technological Trotskyite with a twist." Endless revolution is consensus anarchy in loose collectives, for example the best of the best of free, free, open-source software. Such a group works tirelessly to create an app for community benefit, rewarding significant contributors with "commit privileges" on the version manager where the project is maintained, the collective of contributors having voting rights on who is doing well as a maintainer. The titles are not very anarchistic, but they actually don't have to have any meaning other than the role a person chooses to take on the project. If a fee is charged for the app, the maintainers and regular contributors, get an equal share of the profits. I just recently established a project like this, no bites yet, I've barely the skill to flesh out "HelloWorld.cpp" yet, but I'm offerin

The Trouble With The Music Industry

Open with a title that's the title of Steve Albini's seminal article all those years ago. (I'll find a link and post at the bottom if it's still on teh webz.) Yeah, I've got balls, I'm no Steve Albini! But like him, I grew and came of age in an era well pervaded by the music industry industry that was born of share croppers and the landlord's radio station days. The was no nurturing, it was cutthroat, it was dirty. I watched publicans and bookers keep pushing the price down and down and down. I grew up in a small city of 60000 to 80000 people in the longest period I lived ther, in the smallest state of Australia, where just laughed along at the Hobartions who ingraciously called my cown "Inceston" (The Black Bobs is closer to Hobart, MATE.) To an Australian that strained emphasis means the exact opposite. But I digress a little, I do that soz not soz. Just at the grass roots level, there was nobody actually trying to help young artists or, if th


Yeah, right, North Korea is "communist." Bull-shit. Read some fucking Marx . NK is a dictatorship, branding itself as Communist, a branding choice which suits US, capito-imperialist propagandists, like my country, to use. It's like saying General Motors are "bicycle friendly." Sure, they're not going to advertise that their customers run over cyclists, but they campaign in the background for this, buying more advertising when culture warriors mouth off lies about cycling causing traffic congestion. Propaganda is like this. Somebody claims something is what it's not, somebody else strategically agrees, it becomes a "truth." North Korea is a fascistic, totalitarian state, with more similarities to Nazi Germany than to anything even slightly resembling Communism. Putin is more "Communist" FFS and we all know he's fucken perverted "Shitler."