A ShinyHappyRainbows Community - Crunchynet

So, to take advantage of the full social capabilities of Dreamwidth, I've set up a membership-by-approval "deedub" community at...

and, if you know me (and I know you) membership is likely to be approved without questions, review or audition. If you know me but I'm unfamiliar with you, I'll probably review your DW if you have one, and will ask a few questions to either jog my memory, or be sure we have compatible values. If we're new to each other, you better have a good pitch. If you just want to be a troll, I'll ignore you. Completely.

Before joining, please read the following posting rules...
Crunchynet Posting Rules.
Also, before posting, read the rules.

I'm not leaving blogger, I'm just creating a division of social boundaries. A place to share ideas (here), a place to share with fam and chosen fam (there) and a place in between. (Crunchynet)



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