Quantise Pulse Period Timing to MIDI Note Numbers

My top secret guitar pedal is NOT a guitar synth, but it does output MIDI notes...

Well, it will output MIDI notes, velocity and channel data when it's actually developed, but it's not a synth. It's still in a crude, analog prototype iteration right now. No, it's not a guitar synth, but the idea is audacious and groundbreaking.

12 freakin' lines of code

Nope. Still not telling.

There's loads of stuff it already does, combining more than just guitar, to create... Nah, still not telling! Cruel, aren't I? Be patient.

However, tonight, I can proudly say that MIDI note numbers can be "quantised" from period timing. Schmidtt trigger, edge detection, the pulseIn() function, a lookup table... IN 12 FREAKIN' LINES OF CODE! Mathematically, elegantly et voila! MIDI notes can be made to happen. In a sim, so far. On the command line. But those 12 lines of code will actually cut down to about 8, in an actual "pedal." Yeah, there's heaps else to do, too, but this turned out to be way simpler than I saw it in my head.

That is all.

For now, at least.


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