All The Dumb Things II

I think (maybe) 12 years ago, I laid down this track as just a bit of fun, a cover of Santo & Johnny's "Sleepwalk." I just kind of stumbled on the riff while practicing, bass... yeah... bass, for a covers band I was in at the time, that the wife loved and I kinda hated. They guys were great, the music wasn't me, but we played L and my wedding reception, I got to sing my love tribute to L with the guys backing me and we never played that song again, because we did covers of UK pop hits. I didn't hate every tune, "Come Up and See Me" by Steve Harley was great, as was "Don't Change" by InXS was very cool, and L LOVES Simple Minds' "Dont You (Forget About Me)," but the rest was... well... A man is not a jukebox. Except...

Anyway, back to Santo & Johnny, "Sleepwalk" came up while I was limbering up to practice my parts on my battered old Ibanez bass, so I switched to my Ibanez Blazer (a "superstrat", with twin humbuckers) and fired up my first Logic Pro licence on my trusty 2009 intel MacBook. Played around for the entirety of that day's practice time. It's my most played song on Soundcloud. Seriously. Like, that'll teach me to skyve off from practicing my covers in 2011, jeez! 573 plays!

My next most played tune is not from my 2015 album, that I sweated blood over for 7 days, it's a Logic Pro demo tune, an overture piece, for a project to make a random playing album of the Ryder/Waite/Smith tarot deck. This instrumental, at 60 plays, doesn't even come close to the ears that have heard "Sleepwalk," though. Not to mention a single download, compared to "Sleepwalk's" 58 downloads! Da faq?!

But the plays on "The Radio Told Me..." (60 plays,)

..."A Gallant Attempt at Immortality..." (36 plays)

... and "Too Many Rats In The Cage..." (9 goddamned plays!!!)

...well, that's just so unfair. FFS, I've sweated blood over every work I've ever recorded, and you goram "boomers" just want Santo and Johnny 'cause that's what you listened to on the last day of high school?! FFS, art never stops, but you want my shitty cover? Hell, it's more Jeff Beck than S and J, but not as good as either, while my originals shine! Lovingly! Handcrafted DIY art, etched from the triumphs and failures of my existence. I was sleepwalking through a bad band choice when I made my version of "Sleepwalk."

Rant over, phillistines.


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