LOL, folks still trying to emulate Think Secret. Love it!!!

Image of the post.

 Just discovered Particularly this fabulous anonymous scream unto the void. Priceless!

I used to run a shitty little poetry and lyrics site where people could anonymously post unrequited love poems, Apart from going through some really bad failure-to-understand-consent issues, myself, about 12 other people wrote turgid prose to imagined lovers who actually just felt sorry for them. absolutely murders in its slumber. A telegraph pole of the internet, "Have you seen my lost puppy?"

"NO, I'm on the other side of the fucking planet!" somebody replies, but the author never sees the reply. Unless the author sends it to them. Just don't, that's fucking creepy!

Anyway. It was a walk down memory lane for me. I used to have to poetically put it cryptically in songs. Now I can just scream it once and be done.


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