I Haz A Book In Me!

So, I'd better see a doctor then...

Seriously though, I'm collaborating with an offline AI software to realise it. I have had a story arc in mind for a decade, but the arc of it gets dented in the writing process because I get bogged down in the frameworks of world building. The AI has given me a structure and broken the arc into the necessary segments to begin erecting a "house" on solid bedrock. I'm writing the text, the Mistral OpenOrca model is just cutting timber to the lengths I call and passing me the pieces as I nail it together.

Australian copyright law does not recognise non-human copyright. I have to write the work to hold a right in it. So the AI can't create the text, but boy-oh-boy, if you're a writer, you need GPT4All and Mistral OpenOrca in your life. Your sounding board, your spitballer and stenographer.

Then you go away and do what a writer does, one chapter at a time, but with a clearer focus on the chapter at hand and a clear plan of where the story travels from, via which waypoints and to where. Follow this model, then self publish on a "whole widget" literature store to match your principles. Own the whole work, from typeing to typeset.

As an aside, why GPT4All? It runs local, offline. It's only running when answering queries. It's using no more energy than my laptop - it's not powered by an energy source that could run a 10000 population town entirely through autumn and winter. My carbon footprint is no higher for the use of my own, personal and local AI tool. DO NOT USE ONLINE AIs IF YOU CAN EVEN REMOTELY AVOID IT IF YOU CARE EVEN A LITTLE BIT ABOUT OUR FRAGILE AND BEAUTIFUL ECOSYSTEM!!! But Mistral OpenOrca and GPT4All is guaranteed carbon neutral if your workstation is. Because that is all the energy available to it.

Live simply, live local.


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