All The Dumb Things

For the last 5 years (6?) I've been working on a secret guitar pedal, for my friend and former bandmate Wayne. We did 20 years, on and off in Tassy's fab, far out and groovy 60s band, The Breed. He's had trouble finding bassists that stick since I moved to Melbourne. He likes my playing feel, I know when to not look a gift horse in the mouth, so I stuck with, apart from a break to be a better dad, then went back to it... and here I am, 14 years a Melbournite and Wayne is still one of those mates, you don't let go of.

So, today, I sat down to do some last little jobs on the secret guitar pedal (*it's not secret to Wayne, BTW, it's his idea) and realised I had drilled one of the socket holes wrong on one of the 2 boxes, this effect needs. It only needs reeming, no biggy. Can't find my reamer. I've been hammering away at my studio setup today, which involved tearing it down to make room for a table for my keys and drum machine, then putting it back together. That was a biggy. Tomorrow. It's been 5 (6?) years in the making, what's another day?

Here's a song I wrote that The Breed recorded, after I'd moved to "the Paris of the South Seas." Ladies and gentlemen, The Breed perform, "The Radio Told Me"

Performed by The Breed mark IV, Wayne Crisp, Dan Graver and Steve Bowden.


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