Playing Trains - Don't Get a Resin Printer to Build Custom Parts!

Replaced my old delta FDM printer with a resin printer, on the strength of web articles claiming water washable is "low oder." The FUCK it is!!! Of course, once I'd bought the damned thing, my searches for "resin toxicity" yielded fruit. Not before, though! I searched for "resin toxicity" before I bought, but Google gave me no articles, so I boaught a Geeetech ALKAID on the strength of Jaycar also saying their eSun water washable resin was "low odour" and implied "low toxicity." <-- Now this last statement might be defamatory, but this article is in the public interest - eSUN water washable resin IS NOT LOW ODOUR AND IT SURE AS EGGS IS AS TOXIC AS ANY ALCOHOL WASHABLE RESIN. AND DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON THE PLANT BASED RESINS! That shit is nasty!

Two DP Class rail motor bodies sitting on some HO scale track.My professionally printed rail motor bodies sitting on a preliminary simple raill yard layout.

So, here are some facts about any photoset hobby or engineering resin. The chemistry off-gasses some foul and overpowering odours. The toxicity is respiratory and eye irritants. Prolonged exposure, even wearing an activated charcoal mask, WILL cause injury/illness.

On the strength of getting the bodies of two Tasmanian Government Railways DP Class rail motors printed at a professional joint, where the quality was divine. I thought, I wanted me some of this on tap. I sure don't. It's worth AU$110 for a bedful of SLA from a place that has top notch machines, knowledagable machinists and, most importantly, all the ventilation and filtration! Domestic SLA/LCD/MSLA should be banned. These things are unconditionally too dangerous for any home workshop. It's not only a personal health issue, in residential areas, it's a public health issue. Damned expensive mistake to make, too!

That is all.


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