Microsoft Engineering Australia's Cybersecurity

For my personal infosec, I use Apple's Macintosh platform. An industrial, POSIX compliant, locked-up-tight OS that is both easy to use and hardened against attack. From system integrity protection that disables root access and many other common attack vectors to server grade firewalling, it's one of the safest platforms available, in my opinion.

I also have 2 virtual machines I occassionally run for node.js platform target building. Building apps for Windows and Linux. The Linux VM is as reliable as the Mac it's running as a guest on. The "Dozer" VM... ARRRGH!!!

So, the Australian Government have contracted "Macroslop" to strengthen Australia's cyber security. Really, like the ACMA, the CSIRO, the ABC or the Bureau of Meteorology have acknowledged expertise that Parliament can request changes to, but those changes need only be made as they apply to science, expertise and law, Australian infosec needs a statutory authority in charge, not Parliament. Not just another government contract with international carpetbaggers selling off-the-shelf retail garbage at inflated prices.

Microsoft have no vested interest in security, because that's how they attract 3rd party vendors to the platform, leaving holes in the product for other vendors to fill with subscription based services. Giving an infosec contract to Microsoft is like giving the keys to a lolly shop to a sugar addict. I can only shake my head.

Why does the server industry use Linux as its primary platform? It aint just because it's free. Ponder this a while. My own hunch is Australia's government doesn't want cybersecurity, they want an illusion of it but with holes they can peep through. That I can imagine "Macroslop" doing very well.


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