Wrist-Bot's Test Actuator Works, Even If the Battery's a Bit Flat.

In my collections of hard rubbish, I've scored Pearl drum stools, a high hat cymbal stand with pedals and, to my surprise, a kick drum pedal. The pedal that came with my dp Percussion "kiddie" kit is not something I want to remove springs from and add brackets to, so finding the spare, somewhat shitty, sacrificial pedal amongst my digital kit bits (packed awy to save space) was an absolute bonus. So I've started some basic proof testing. Particularly, will the cheap actuators I'm considering for Wrist-Bot actually drive a kick drum? Yes, as this toob proves...

Yeah, not a resounding thump, but the battery I used for this test is flat as a pancake. At 13.8 volts, a car battery's full charged voltage, and with a slightly longer lever at attached between the actuator and the beater shaft, as well as a moving the beater a little closer at start postion to the drum skin and having it on a shorter arm, the maximum velocity should be enough noise for my half-garage, home studio. This test has given a me a measure of confidence.


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