What Is A Weekend Adventurer?

Simple answer: you are. Do you seek challenging or exciting adventures? Do you hanker for the open road, trail, sea or sky, yet don't have the time or resources to pursue these pathways?

A weekend adventurer is one who would explore the world, but has only the time, resources or freedoms to pursue local adventures. We choose family and friends as a priority, and fit adventure in where we can. We have careers and/or children, as well as dreams and ambitions to be out in a wilderness, exploring our limits. We have disabilities or health issues which deny us a summit or a solo sea crossing, yet still we find ways to explore - if not Everest, our backyard, if not a circumnavigation of the world, maybe a circumperambulation of our cities’ walking trails and rights-of-way.

I have been one of these explorers of my back yard for most of my life. Be it taking an unknown live music group on the road to places that never get the known ones because the town’s too small, or cycle touring my childhood island state of Australia, Tasmania. I have ridden with an explorer of the other kind… for 4 days. I wanted to see modern life in the country we were visiting, he wanted to find a bucolic that barely exists there anymore. It’s as near as I came to the grand tour of a great explorer. Instead I chose the people, the daily life of that country I had a maximum of 4 weeks in, because I had a wife and a mortgage to return to, and they matter, too. Freedom’s price is too high, and that freedom is not really free.

So, if you mountain bike you local trail park, sail your local bays or walk the back streets to see the gallery of street artists near you… or you partake of any number of local or near local adventures…

You are a weekend adventurer. You are free!


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