This Is The Dawning of the Age of Apocalypse

On the ABC today, Australia's national public broadcaster, is the linked article about the birdflu pandemic. This is serious shit, this is where the next pandemic is coming from, and it is jumping species, it just hasn't been confirmed yet as mammal-to-mammal capable. Evolutionary biology teaches us that this is only a matter of time.

My headline may be alarmist, but one of Paul and Anne Erlich's predictions in their 1968 book, The Population Bomb, is pandemic. This is also a common prediction drawn from global heating theory. Monkey pox and covid are just a tentative beginning.

However, there is stuff we can do to protect ourselves, and they're not in the least selfish.

Wear masks in public! This is a no brainer. It's quite the opposite of "fascistic," it's choosing to protect others from the pathogens we may not yet know we have. It'll keep standard influenza rates lower, it'll keep covid and bird flu rates lower. Covid hasn't "gone away," vaccines have reached sufficient levels to begin constraining its spread and mask wearing, which I'm pleased to say, while there not being enough of it because of the conservative, eugencist propaganda that mask wearing was "fascistic," there are still people willing to wear masks as their small contribution to public health. Yours truly included.

Get Vaccinated! If a human vaccine for H5N1 and/or H7N1 bird flu becomes available, get it at the earliest possible availability, and get any and all boosters that subsequuently become available. There are no microchips small enough to hide in a vaccine. It is a physical impossibility to make even a cystal radio that small, let alone interface it to your brain for mind control. I have worked in electronics most of my life, both technically (service tech) and operationally (audio engineer), as well as being a keen electronics hobbyist and science reader. The smallest size limits for a single, silicon transistor are barely down to a virus protein chain. A whole "mind control circuit" would fill a room, if such a thing were even possible. You know how billionaires control your mind? Rumours. Since the dawn of time, those with power have told you with the pitchforks that those with the firebrands want to steal your pitchforks, and vice versa. Mind control happens when you believe the "othering" powerful men have whispered in your ear by radio jocks and TV presenters who work at commercial broadcasters and privately owned newspapers. There are no 5G chips in vaccines. Christ, my iPhone SE 2020 isn't even 5G, so what use would that be?!

Reduce or stop socialising in tightly packed, poorly ventilated venues! This one breaks my heart, but it's necessary. I used to be a "weekend warrior" musician. I played in live bands you've never heard of. 20 years with The Breed before moving to Melbourne and a few very successful bands here before my health went to shit for a while. Live music has been the driving force of my life, both as an audience member and as a performer. I feel like a class traitor saying that we should not frequent live venues. This defence against pandemic costs jobs, lots of them. Iconic venues failed during covid. Young, upcoming bands couldn't easily hone their craft, and Zoom gigs just don't have the same energy as a live gig. Just the same, those of us who sucked this up and stopped going to gigs, the theatre, festivals, we had a better chance of not catching covid. If you must, small outdoor gigs are safer than big indoor gigs. If you are in a band or are part of a theatre collective, practice your craft in parks and give half the proceeds to charity. You'll do really well out of this. See your local authority about where (or if) you can book open space for this kind of thing.

If you don't need to go out, STAY HOME! This one is simple. If you can work from home, do so. If you can't, do all the pandemic sensible things. Call family and chat, rather than visit, as much as possible. Travel by car, bicycle or on foot, rather than by plane, boat or train. How did Australia get new covid strains ahead of the curve? Cruise ships! Fucken cruise ships! We closed airports, bankrupted Tiger Air's franchise here, but we let cruise ships in. Be sensible, stay at home, use HeyGo.

Nothing more to add, really. Just to say, how are you being forced if you choose to do these things for the protection of others. Don't be a selfish cunt. Protect others and trust that most others will protect you. That's how we survive this. The cookers were the most prevalent covid cases in ICU.


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