Shinyhappyrainbows' Wacky Weekend Adventures

Wacky Weekend Adventures!

Welcome to a new section for this blog! I've had an itch I can't seem to scratch ever since my heart attack, just a little over 2 years ago. I want to get out into the wilds more! I miss my bicycle adventures! I also want more types of adventure!!!

I started this as a standalone blog over at Substack, but the boring "weekend adventurer" title has been used by all sorts of capitalists, all over teh webz, so I've rebranded it and brought it back here as a layer of Shinyhappyrainbows. I could have Clunkerbiked it, but this is more than biking. It's bush walking, it'll be boats of various kinds, all the diverse physical challenges. (No running, though, I don't run.)

So, beginning this week, I'll be stripping the Substack posts and reformatting them for here, one by one, labelling them WackyWeekendAdventures (so that blogger can give you a specific URL) and topping them with that ugly masthead up there. Enjoy!

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