Poor Footwear Choices...

...and other #wardrobeMistakes

I have been working through my walking shoes, trying to figure on the best footwear for doing my rail trail walk at the end of March. I’ve tried both pairs of walking boot and, surprisingly, the cheaper ones (a slightly loose fit) are better than my high quality Colorado walking boots (a slightly tight fit, yeah, I’m halfway between half-sizes), so the former are first on my shortlist. Most of my other shoes are either dressy or overdue for replacement, but my Keens sandals are really light, so I thought I’d try those for my third 10km training day.

My feet are hammered! For around the house and yard, these things are great. I also remember them being great for my cardio rehab walks, but they were short walks the first few weeks. 10km (6 miles) is too far in these “planks!” While not quite blistered, I’ve lost 5 days from my training schedule until I can get back home from a friend’s place and pick up my walking boots. I’m nearly back to ready to do a walk to the station, take the train home and walk from that station to the front door. But those sandals. 3 more recovery days, just to be sure. Bloody hell! I bought those Keens because I wanted a light walking shoe for summer. Light walking is right. A couple of kilometres max!

So, these cheap, AU$99-from-Anaconda (forget the brand name), waterproof, hiking boots are made for walking. Choice made, a week’s lost training may yet not delay me, but I may have to walk on the weekend that crosses over March and April, now. Oh well.

(Image Source: wikimedia - “abandoned footware”)


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