My "First" Wacky Weekend Adventure

I've been weekend adventuring all my life but this is the first I'm blogging under that handle.
Me, setting off for Sydney at the start of my 2015 Great Cycle Challenge.

I’ve done cycle tours, I’ve bikepacked, I once rode a bicycle from Hanoi to Ninh Binh, Vietnam, bussed to Hue, took a motorcycle taxi to Hoi An, caught another two buses to Da Lat, bought another bike (never travel in Tet, long story, painful, too, involving a bike I built with my bare hands from a frameset having to be left behind), then rode from Da Lat to Ho Chi Minh City. I’ve ridden from Melbourne to Sydney in 11 days and raised $1500 for charity. So this isn’t my first Weekend Adventure, and that’s why I’m qualified to blog this stuff. I’ve also worked in broadcasting, so I’m qualified to “toob” it, too. Maybe

Me, setting off for Sydney at the start of my 2015 Great Cycle Challenge.

This is my first bushwalk in a very long time, though, so I’m in training. Pretty intensive training. My cycle adventures have involved a few 100km and 200km Audax brevets, so I know how to train for intensive workrates, even though I’m not an athlete. Truly, I’m not. Anybody can do what I do, that’s why I’m blogging it! To encourage, to make the point that you, yes, you, over there, can do this. You can, don’t be so chicken shit, you really can do this.

Me in training for the East Gippsland Rail Trail just this month


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