Fixing a Droopy Box With a Naughty Bracket

My trusty Reid commuter tourer, "Buster", the Urban X2 with a wide drop bar conversion, has a Wildman head box on the bars for snacks, "occy" straps and other small tat that one might need on a shopping run or longer. The trouble with this otherwise cavernous, yet light, headbox is it gets "the droop" every time the front wheel hits a bump. So I designed and printed the above "rude bracket" to provide a counterforce against the underside of the stem.

Aside from keeping my solar panel reasonably in the sunlight, when the headbox droops enough, it rubs against the front tyre. The carbon fibre reinforced, 3d printed, PETG "rude bracket" screws onto the top of the headbox mounting frame, under a custom branding "Clunkerbike" badge and rests against the underside of the stem, as per...

The box now no longer droops! The carbon fibre impregnated filament is Form Futura "Carbon Fil" and, while the bracket is probably a little of an over-design, the material choice also fits well with the bike's overall colour scheme. I mostly print with a pair of Creality Ender 3 Pro S1s, one with the old "mobo", one with the new 4.2.2, 32 bit mobo. The bracket is on Thingiverse if you want one, but I don't print to order, so you'll have to do it yourself or get a friend to.


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