And Now, Nursing an Achilles Injury!

I've been able to manage this one better, though.

So, my walk from McKinnon to the CBD, last Thursday, pulled my achilles tendon. I nursed it on Friday, keeping my foot mostly elevated, but kept doing a few light odd jobs about the place. Then I took delivery of an elastic ankle support and that helped me walk just under 4km yesterday (Saturday), as I write this, and another 2 or so kilometres after dinner at Mordialloc last night. Today, the achilles tendon is coming good, but my calf is “on the grass”, discussing strike action. I think it’ll see reason.

This is training and prep for an old bugger. It’s a fact of life. An 8 week training schedule in my 40s was easy. At 61, it’s a tad of a struggle. That’s the second law of thermodynamics - a closed system tends toward maximum entropy. If I can’t do this before early April, it’ll probably have to wait until next year, but I have other Weekend Adventure projects I can plan, train for and blog, and a year of diverse training for a range of different adventures will make me ready for the East Gippsland Rail Trail, anyway.

But! For now, I will push on. If I can consolidate 15km a day this week, and get 25 in the fortnight after that, then consolidate and taper, I will be doing this on time. So, lets keep the other Weekend Adventures a surprise for now.



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