After 6 Days Off

Admitting I've been pushing it hard, but lovin' it.

Back "on the trail" again today. Seven and a half kilometres down the public spaces along the Mernda Railway line, then a train back up the hill and another 900m from the station to home-away-from-home. I feel good.

There's always a little achillies tendonitis at the end of anything 5km and longer, though. I never get that on longer bike rides - multiply distance by 5, so today's walk is the energy burn of 38km on a bicycle over level ground. I have spent most of my adult life spinning pedals for anywhere between 12km commuting (usually higher) and 100km touring (sometimes a bit less) a day, apart from the odd rest day. Never really had any achillies pain. Are my muscles "wrong" for walking after 40+ years of bike riding?

I'm not calling this bad enough to take another 6 days off for recovery, though. Overall, I feel like today was really beneficial. I figure I just have to do more walking to build strength and distance than I'd initially estimated, based on my bike fitness. I'm enjoying this in ways I enjoyed the freedom a bike gave me as a young bloke. Just nicking off on my own for an hour or so, going nowhere, for virtually no reason other than to renovate my heart, physically and poetically.


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