Loot - Whah Whah Whah Red Guitar (Pedal)

I have a wonderful partner. Dropping suggestions for xmas gifts, on the offy I might get one or two, she dropped the lot on me. Spoiled? Much! The stand out among a standout bunch, a Blues Buster overdrive pedal kit from PedalParts Australia. Named for the "Bluesbreaker" Marshalls, as made famous by that unevolved creap, Eric "the arse" Claptrap, it's a classic and highly modifiable overdrive in the style of a Tube Screamer or an orig' OD-1. I started preproduction on that project today, making sure I have all the bits. It's getting built up in a bright red diecast box. Red ones distort more, right?

EDIT: Changed out stock pic from PedalParts' catalogue for drilled and fitted out box.

The great thing about pedal kits are the mods you can do so, as well as drive, volume and tone on the front panel, I'm breaking the treble trimmer out to a knob on the front panel for extra credit. However, I may have underspecced the housing. It'll all fit in the 60x112,31 box, but maybe I should have gone for the 66x122x39 one in red. Might have to break out a few small colour pots for custom artwork on the top, too.

On the downside, there were a few minor "picking" errors on PPA's part, one pot missing (the trimmer I'm replacing anyway) and a 1 mismatched form factor pot. Fixed by ordering 4 new pots from Jaycar. Quicker and easier than chasing up PPA, although I will let them know I had to do that, but also, for a seasoned soldering jockey like me, no biggy.

Can't wait to add this to the rig in my pre-gain stage, before my glorious Joyo Brit and American preamps!


  1. Also, planning to name it "Eric the...", because it's red, and well, I want to imply a certain guitarist, who popularised the '62 Marshall 60w combo, was a but of a c... and a racist. Also a bit of a rapey c...,too.


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