Right, Meds Dose Back to Original, No More Dizzies, Back On The Bike!

Trying to get distance and stamina back after a heart attack is hard. Trying to know just what is feeling off-colour and actual chest discomfort is harder. So, after an unexpected ambulance ride (AGAIN!), my beta blocker got doubled. And Fark! The dizzies!!!

Some examples. I'll stand up, then have to sit down again, immediately. After recovery, I stand up more slowly and go do the thing... what thing? I'll be enjoying a ride, well hydrated, not too cold, not too hot, not too fast, not too slow, then I arrive at my destination... Wait, oh jeez, lean on the bike, LEAN ON THE BIKE!!! What? That ride? 5km at 20km/h. Did I mention range curtailment?!

Anyway, in the words of Farnsworth, "Great news everybody!" My cardiologist pulled the dose back to 2.5mg. OK, you don't care, I get it. You will when you're my age, you freakin' millenials. As you were.

I have just recently pulled off a downhill 10k ride where the lean on the bike panic was less than the above mentioned, "LEAN ON THE BIKE!" Hopefully I'll be able to start getting back into real distances. It's coming up to the second anniversary of my ticker sticker. I was hoping to be doing way better than this by now. The moral is, don't give up but don't be unrealistic, either. And watch out for that dreaded beta blocker. Less IS more!" (Of course, you mileage will certainly vary compared to mine.


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