Gamestop: Why I'm a Marxist #183674809. The "Meat Hack."

Gunna be "edgie" here - most of the redditors caught and burned on the Gamstop run? White, or at least no more than brown, but all, every single one, bourgoise AS FUCK. Watch this doco...

(declaration: I'm white, I'd look to most people as bourgoise, I am an ally to race, I was aspirational working class all my life until I retired early due to a downsize. I've always been a marxist, as in the teachings of Karl Marx, not Soviet or Chinese pseudo Marxism, which are both shining examples of fascism.)

This is capitalism's endless scam: make the invester feel like they're the customer, but they're really the suckling pig, being slaughtered by the broker (the butcher) for consumption by a hedge fund (A fat, full grown pig) or some other worshiper at the alter of greed. Retail traders are class traitors, the worst examples of what BIPOC Americans call "Wypipo." What sensible people from an underclass would waste good money on a phone app ponzi scheme? This shit, the get rich quick scheme, is the preserve of the class traitor. I'm looking at all you Darrens 'n' Karens dreaming of a large life when you can't even have the sense to get out before the buy button disappears. Same goes for you crypto fuckheads. Born losers, the lot of you. White trash, barely a street corner scam from living and dying in a trailer park. You allowed yourselves to be sold as a product. Idiots. No sympathy.

We need to look at ways to make capital the preserve of the people, not the obscenely rich. From Musk's "Gamestonk" tweet (Tweak?) to the fact that Robinhood's partners in "Crime" were Citadel, the hedge backing the hedge that all the Redditors thought they were sticking it to. I say "crime" in quotes to avoid a defamation suit, but I'm not inferring anything. This was a "wealthbleed" by rich bastards, too rich already, in order to get richer. Captialism is a scam, and anybody paid less than a million a year is the victim of sly thieves. This is why socialism is the answer. Somebody asked the stupid question, "Can I get rich quick?" No, no you can't but self appointed "financial experts" will at your expense.

We live at the cusp of a very dangerous era. I have been writing some arduino code using GitHub CoPilot, an AI coding assistant. This is "good AI," a tool to advance the human experience, to learn code, even as an experienced coder (which I'm not!), or as a beginner, AI trained on literally hundreds of thousands of lines of code, learning from coders like Linus, so that all can code better. It exists within a framework of open source software, encouraging open source software, encouraging reusable code, sharing knowledge to advance knowledge, but not as stifling/disciploned as a conservative academic environment, yet not as uncontrolled and frankly mental as a forum full of "cookers." A community working for the wider community. Aiming to put rooves over heads and food on tables, even make profits, but not without giving back, so that others may do the same.

On the other hand, the AIs of wallstreet. Traders are using them. Brokers are using them. Finance apps are using them. The stock holders are using them, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Google is being surprisingly restrained for now, but they will usie them. This isn't so pure and widely beneficial. When somebody like Musk or Bezos controls so much personal wealth, what's to keep people with this much wealth and connection from buying AI infrastructure to manipulate us, invisibly, without consent? Think about it. Musk's "Gamestonk" couldn't have been better timed to make dupes fall for the whole Wall Street Bets/Gamestop hype. Imagine millions of those kind of prompts, targeted individually and daily by AI tweep-bots. What if the brain/computer interface hype of Neuralink is really a design to place these kinds of behavioural prompts deep in our limbic system? What if it's absolutely not even so "William Gibson"? Just carefully placed, individually targeted ads, like CA did with the 2016 US election? This is bad AI, and it's bad people who control bad AI. Greedy, ruthless people.

So, watching what was clearly a "meat hack" on all of the class traitors and aspirationals on Wall Street Bets, CA using AI to influence an election, Thales and other arms manufacturers weaponising that technology within a year, and you're probably wondering if I'm a cooker. Am I right? Except, ask yourself about those AI art engines. You're not all using the same ones. There are open source ones, there are private projects. Can you tell which is which? Can you tell who is manipulating you? Science says you can't, that once you believe on inadequate evidence, you'll believe the whole thing. Look at the vast weirdo cesspit that is Q Anon. Once rational(ish) people became total "cookers." For what purpose? Who funds it? Who benefits? Similar or the same as skimmed the deep cream off Gamestop? Their private researchers?

Are we going to hand civilisation to tech bros with AIs? Or are we going to place all capital and technology in the hands of community, run by community for community. Capitalism begins with carpet baggers trading slaves and buying value for beads. Does it end and maybe become the end of the world because we allow capital to use AI? Socialism is the answer. Deeply community focussed socialism.


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