I have managed to get one of my 4 printers working, my cheap-assed, AU$150 delta. It's still the most reliable printer I have. I have a pair of expensive (on my budget) Creality Ender 3 Pros, and they are hard fucking work. Break down just about every second job.

The Sinus T1 delta that just keeps ticking, it's still running orginal belts and wheels. I've only ever needed to replace heatblocks and nozzles. You can't get these printers for love no money anymore, 'cause I'd have a hundred of them now if they still made them.

My first ever printer, has been even more vexed. Although, lately I've had some success with a direct drive E3D v6 hotend. This eats a little of the print height, but this is the first reliable hotend I've found. It's what the delta came with, stock. About as simple as you get. Trouble is, this Prusa i3 clone needs new linear bearings and I've been chasing parts for the trike build lately.

The worst printer is the best printer. I can't leave it, it has no thermal runaway protection, but it's great for a quick PLA or PETG part. Go figure, a "toy." My best.


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