Quantity Over Quality

More cops never did improve safety. It increased quota pressure on officers, which blows back on the vulnerable. When you have generally conservative institutions like the Auditor General's Department saying that extra cops was a waste of the public purse, not only are all cops bastards #ACAB, but more cops is a bastard waste of money.

From The Guardian...

No proof a 2,700 boost in Victorian police numbers has improved safety, audit finds Auditor general finds police unable to ‘assure itself or community’ that $2bn program is meeting its aims.

Photograph: Darrian Traynor/Getty Images

Adeshola Ore

Thu 1 Sep 2022 14.00 AEST

A blitz to recruit more than 2,700 additional Victorian police officers under a $2bn investment to tackle crime has not been proved to improve community safety, a report by the state’s auditor general has found... [read more]


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