The Steel Has Arrived

The steel arrived on Thursday, thanks Moorrabbin Steel. I haven't started working on it because I spent 2 and a half days in hospital with a repprise of the ticker problems that got me started on this project. I'm OK, more sleep deprived, than crook, but the angiogram showed nothing, despite feeling like an elephant had sat on my chest on Tuesday afternoon.

I have 2.5m of 35x35x1.6 SHS, a half metre piece of 50x50x5 SHS for cutting the tilt brackets from, some 30x30x1.6 SHS for the arm of the pedal bracket (and an old bottom bracket shell from a bike frame), some 38x2 EHS for a head tube and a 190x inch 1/8 steerer from the donor bike that provided the bottom bracket. The rear triangle is also from a donor dual suspension MTB. Triceratops Two.1 will get its own rear tri. Racks will be integrated steel racks, built from 12x1.2 EHS, once I've done a billy cart test.

Meanwhile, the disk brake hubs have arrived and fit the wheelchair axle bolts pefectly and run beautifully. Other parts are trickling in, too.

I've also finished a handle of design mods, including this lightning bolt frame. Some protection for the crossmember will be added to the front, just before it. I like the asthetic and ergonomic of this final shape.


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