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So, another of my kind of effectsy projects is the rather complicated, DINsync "Swiss army knife," AKA, "the one din to rule them all." Based on an Arduino Uno, a defunct display from one of my 3D printers and a TONNE of original code to wrap the LCD.h and MIDI.h libraries, the aim is to sync MIDI old school and USB) to DIN24 and DIN48 standards, to my Zoom L-12's raw clicktrack, to tap-tempo and to output all of the above, including striping DINsync to the L-12 and driving both quarternote tap out as well as bar tap out. Yeah, Swiss army knife. All to run a drum machine and a few FX pedals in sync with the L-12, allowing for post production that doesn't (always) involve re-recording everything. It should even do the same with Logic Pro if it works for everything else.

Here's some "ropey" prototype, featuring display bugs and yet no USB. It's doing most else, but it's not plugged into anything yet.


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