A/B-Y Box Goes A/B-Y-S

I've been bulding up a new guitar pedal board that incorporates my old AX5G multi FX, a new "retro" drive stage, consisting of a Joyo British Sound Marshall emulator driving a Behinger DR200 reverb (spring setting), and gtr synth chain, consisting of a Boss SY-1, a Beringer Ultra Harmoniser, and an Ultra Chorus. As these are vastly different sound streams, and as they are destined to be fed through a Boss RC-5 stereo looper, I need some fancy switching, but no single box seems to quite do the right paths. Enter the A/B-Y-S, a switch box that clicks between guitar and synth, guitar sound A and guitar sound B and sometimes parallels the selcted guitar with the synth for doubled leads...

This has not been an easy project to lay out on my pedal board, or to find a suitable diecast zippy box for. It is coming together, though. Three footswitches do heavy lifting, the first in the box (bottom in the circuit diagram) selects which between "amp channels," the second push button (top in the circuit diagram) selects between guitar and synth channels and the third pushbutton (middle in the circuit diagram) parallels the selected guitar with the synth for synth to double the guitar.When finished, there will be LEDs lighting the non-default mode for each switch. Off for guitar A, on for guitar B and so on.


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