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First attempt at extending my range a little. Surprisingly, it wasn’t supposed to be an extension. I’d put in a turn by turn route plan because I’m not as familiar with Melbourne’s northern suburbs as I am with the south, east and bayside that I thought was 32km and somehow that magically became 40km. I’m feeling it, I’m definitely having at least 2 rest days before I go for another, flatter spin, but wow! Before my heart attack, I’d have laughed at 40km as nothing more than a rest day. 3 and a half years later, it has been the best I have been able to do since discharge from rehab!

diary of an e-convert

The electrics were on 2 out of 5 today because it was 300m elevation gain. Not a lot by pre heart attack standards, but again, the most I’ve done in a sitting since late 2021.

And I still feel like I deserve a pat on the back! I feel like my workrate was not overly enhanced by a 40% pedal assist. I had only 2 really short hills that needed the full 40Nm, and maybe a total of a km at 3, just to keep heartrate and breathing within a safe range.

Yeah, at least 2 more rest days, before a spin but probably a light leg stretch walk on those rest days. On Sunday, I plan on a downhill, “bail-for-rail-if-necessary” ride from my daughter’s place in the country. Probably 36km, maybe more. The plan for that is to only turn the electrics on for the inevitable rises.

Watch this space.

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